Thursday, March 24, 2016

LXII. Semana Santa

Holy Week

Semana Santa means Holy Week; it started last Sunday—Palm Sunday—and ends with Easter, which is a big deal for all Christians and especially so in Catholic countries like Mexico. Today is Maundy Thursday and participants in the local passion play are supposed to end up in our version of the Garden of Gethsemane at the little hillside chapel a couple hundred feet above town. That might be why all the church bells were just caroling, but they were almost drowned out by soon-to-depart snowbirds and weekending Tapatios whooping and hollering at the open bars and dozens of tables set up on our main street that runs down to the malecón. In another intersection of public displays with emotion, a couple of hours ago was the funeral parade of a beloved restaurateur. It was led by those irreverent female-impersonating clowns, and a happy brass band preceded the SUV carrying his open coffin, hundreds of mourners, many holding parasols against the sun.

Sidebar: para sol literally means "for the sun" en español. An umbrella to shield one from rain is paraguas—"for waters". Or you could just say, "sombrilla".

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