Thursday, March 10, 2016

LVIII. Cuándo las Golondrinas Regresan a Ajijic

When the Swallows Return to Ajijic

Late yesterday afternoon while sipping margaritas on the balcony we noticed the swallows have returned. It's been at least November since we saw them last; they were ubiquitous in the summer and early fall. Their nests--stuck to the crease where walls meet eaves, up and down every sidewalk in el centro--were things to avoid. Now they've come back and we remind each other of their romantic image in that Capistrano song, admire the sleek and acrobatic flight, and try not to dwell too much on how the territorial adults, later joined by their numerous fledglings, will soon be swooping about our heads and dropping little turds all over the place.

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