Sunday, December 13, 2015

XLIX. Papá Noel y su Máquina de Niebla

Santa Claus and his Fog Machine

We're sitting in front of our laptops tonight in almost shutdown mode when we hear loud (but not LOUD) music, which isn't at all unusual here except it's more easy listening with a frisky beat, and somehow has a Christmas-y feel. We rush to the balcony and look up Constitución and what to our wondering eyes should appear--rolling smoothly down the cobblestones--but some radical conveyance like a stretch limo-cum-luxury flatbed, carrying Santa waving from his sleigh behind eight fiberglass reindeer, and more red/green/yellow/blue blinking LEDs than you can imagine. Slowing down at the corner with Castellanos someone trips the fog machine and Santa looks all gauzy as he throws candies at a few surprised people who are there just hanging out. The sparkly letters on the back of his sled read, "Feliz Navidad".

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