Sunday, December 20, 2015

L. Viva Las Vegas

"Viva Las Vegas"

Last night my fun-loving esposa and I attended a dinner evento among our sweet amigos in the centro cultural just across the street from where we live. The theme was “Viva las Vegas” with the music of Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley sung by a 17-year-old kid from Guadalajara, and he didn’t do a bad job. We received many hugs from Alex and Alejandra, Imelda and Maria, even CC. Unfortunately, the meat was a little tough (Edgar was vastly apologetic and I’m sure they’ll get it right) but the magician with his card tricks, the many clever and well-done decorations, basket lights under the palms and stars, the two prizes we won—one of Alex’s necklaces para mi amor and free dinners from Imelda for us both—and most of all our fine new friends with their warm and sincere greetings, made it a memorable night in this little Mexican village.

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