Monday, December 12, 2016

LXXXVI. Reyna de Mexico

Queen of Mexico

Señor Jimenez came over this morning to check the reason for our exorbitant electricity bills. He figured our place for about 700 pesos every two months, instead we’ve been paying over $1200. No one was tapping into our meter (good news) and we didn’t have any fugas to speak of. But the lights alone are using half our amperage. It's going to be a hassle and expense, but I should replace them all with LEDs. I went walking along the carretera looking for an LED store. Couldn’t find one. Coming back through Seis Esquina barrio I ran into sidewalk altars for the Virgin of Guadalupe, and then the band at the back of a religious parade. There were savage dancers, men in colorful satin pantalones turning circles. Several variations of "Maria - Reina de Mexico” were leading the procession in pickup floats. After dark now, cohetes are raining down on us.

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