Friday, May 15, 2015

XIV. Más? Sí, Hay Más.

More? Yes, There's More

All morning and into yesterday afternoon, was a time of noxious fumes and harsh chemical cleaners, hauling trash to the dumpster, and making new, more meaningful, piles of what we will keep. The main thing, though, was preparing for inspection by the crazy landlady.

We try to always leave our house or apartment cleaner than when we first moved in. But it seems to never quite be up to what we like to think of as our standards; there's always some little thing not completely scrubbed. 

Really sweet shipping guy, Steve
Everything, though, was pretty much spick and span when the fellow from Pay-Through-The-Nose Shipping arrived to hand truck two 75 pound boxes out the front door. See you in Mexico, kitchenware, linens and tools. 

Hard on his heels was a colleague from work who had come to remove our remaining furnishings, including the futon which did admirable duty for two nights as our bed. This saved us the hassle of sale or disposal, and she got some decent furniture for free. 

Only minutes after saying goodbye to our friend and former workmate, The Odd One arrived and we were pleased that the inspection went painlessly and we got a complete refund of our damage deposit.

Empty. Clean.
We were then pretty much left with only our increasingly manageable baggage for the plane. We laid everything out on the faux marble floor, and as each suitcase, bag, or box was provisionally packed, I’d hop on the scale, weigh myself, and then pick up the luggage and take the combined weight. We were aiming at 50 pounds max, after which the airlines tack on a hefty additional fee. With some exchanges from one bag or box to another, we made it. 

After last night in a local hotel, and one of the best complimentary breakfasts we’ve ever had, we went back to our truly nearly empty apartment and the experience reminded me of what it’s like when you break up with someone with whom you’ve long been intimate—you suddenly are on the other side of being as close as you can be.

All packed on the faux marble floor
So, there’s the emotional thing, and there’s also the exhaustion after yesterday’s adrenalin-fueled push to get out. Today we are having a hard time speaking coherently—as words try to form in our mouth, several different thoughts vie for primacy in our brain. That, and the over-thinking: “Let’s see, do we want to park here or there? If we park here we can get out more easily, but if we park there we don’t have as far to walk, but since you don't really have to get out at all, maybe we—blah blah blah?”

One more night in the local hotel, and tomorrow Sweet Second Daughter will arrive to follow us to Money Saver Mini-Storage where Eddie, the faithful Hyundai, will be parked for the nonce. Then onward for a final hotel stay near the airport whence we depart early Sunday morning.

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